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PPBC Sunday Services

Indoor Services:  The provincial government has mandated that we restrict our numbers to 30% of capacity. This will allow us to have 80 people in attendance not including staff and volunteers assisting with the service. Those attending must register with the office. We will continue to live stream the service for those at home.  We ask for your patience as we plan for your return. Please remember that these measures are temporary and are meant to help guard the health and safety of our congregation and community. While we believe the risk in our local area is low we want to take care to follow the steps recommended to us. 


Outdoor Services: With the warmer weather, we now are able to enjoy outdoor services in our beautiful backyard. The numbers for outdoor services are still restricted and those attending must register with the office. Please read the following carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  


Attendance & Registration:  Each week a registration email will be sent to the church family. Everyone attending must RSVP to the office. For any we are unable to accommodate, we will be sure to put them on the top of the list for the next week. Once again, we will continue to live-stream for those who are unable to attend.


Screening: We ask that you stay at home this week if you have traveled outside the province in the last 14 days; have had close contact with a COVID-19 case or are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose or nasal congestion. Those who are considered vulnerable (age or health) and those who are uneasy should feel free to share in the live stream service from home. If you have questions or concerns about attendance please contact the office.   


Indoor Service Information:  Potential “contact” points and furniture have been removed from the foyer and all but the required number of chairs have been removed from the auditorium to allow for extra spacing. 

We will have several hosts ready to greet you upon arrival. One at the door to assist with entry, two in the foyer and one in the auditorium to help direct traffic. You will be directed to a seat(s) with seating beginning in the front. 

There will be no physical bulletins available and no offering plates will be passed. There will be an offering dropbox clearly marked in the foyer. You can also continue to donate via e-transfer.

We ask that you continue to follow the recommended guidelines for handwashing and social distancing, maintaining a distance of 2 meters from those not from your family.

Please do not bring any food or drink (including water) into the building. Masks are not mandatory but welcome. We will have a limited supply available at the church. 

The washrooms will be available but we ask that you limit use if at all possible. If you need to use the facilities we ask that only one person (or parent & child) be in the bathroom at a time. 

Following the service you will be directed to exit by the front or the rear of the auditorium, depending on where you are seated. We ask that you exit the building immediately following the service and continue to maintain appropriate distancing with any conversations in the parking lot.  


Outdoor Service Information:  Although we have more space outside, we must maintain the same level of care for one another. Families will need to stay together and maintain the 2-meter distance with others before, during, and after service (no child care will be provided – clipboards and pencil crayons will be available for families who attend).

Washrooms will be available but we ask that you limit use as much as possible. 

Be sure to bring your own lawn chair or blanket to sit on along with an umbrella or hat for shade.

There will be an offering dropbox clearly marked at the "registration table" by the parking lot. You can also continue to donate via e-transfer.

Masks are not mandatory but welcome. We will have a limited supply available at the church. 


Child care: We will be working on the challenges related to ministry with children in the days ahead but unfortunately, we will be unable to provide child care or Jr. church this Sunday. Families will need to sit together in the service. Josh Anderson will be providing clipboards with worksheets and colouring pages for the young ones. They will be available on your chairs in the sanctuary if indoors, or at the registration table if outdoors. Please know that we will work to resume these ministries as soon as possible.