Sam Martin from Arms of Jesus (AOJ) shared this update regarding relief efforts in Haiti:

Greetings!  We have entered a new week rejoicing in what the Lord has done and is doing. AOJ sent funds to Wilson in Haiti for food and basic needs for the people following the earthquake and tropical storm.  Below you will find Wilson’s report which indicates approx. 1000 families were blessed (average 7 people in each family) and for this, we thank all our donors and praise God. By the way, we did not send out any request for funds, but folks moved by the Spirit of God did send us funds.  As a result, additional funds will be on their way to Haiti in a few days so that we can bless more needy people!  Keep praying. 

Good evening Dr. Martin,

It is with great pleasure that I write and greet you on my behalf and on behalf of the entire population of Cap-Rouge and its surrounding areas. As you know, Haiti has been going through a difficult time for several months. There are many kidnapping cases, and five towns connected to Port-au-Prince are blocked. That means nothing can go from Port-au-Prince to these towns, and the South East is one of those towns. Armed gangs block all the cars – nothing crosses. This puts the poorest people in a difficult situation because the whole country depends on Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince is the center of the country. Gasoline cannot enter, and food supplies such as rice, sugar, flour, oil, and everything else that people need to use, cannot enter. And that situation has existed since the first week of June. The arrival of all major political events has complicated the situation. In addition, three of those towns where things never went in were hit by an earthquake on August 14 that impacted all the towns. People have food problems, and they have gasoline problems. The situation for the people who live in the mountains is harder because they depend on what they buy in the market almost every day.

It is in this circumstance that The Arms of Jesus Children’s Mission was able to distribute food to more than seven hundred and fifty families, and each of these families has between five and seven people. So, the mission distributed food to more than two hundred children and young children. Then in another remote area, we put food in the car and brought it to the people who live there because they could not walk to reach us because we were too far away. When we arrived, the food that was in the truck was not enough because there were too many people waiting. We rushed to them and ran because the crowd had invaded us. And there we served approximately two hundred and fifty families. Not only did we do this, but we also enjoyed sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them and telling them how much Jesus Christ loves them. So, not only did we feed them but we also gave them the word of God.

In these difficult times that the country is going through, we think it was really good for The Arms of Jesus Children’s Mission to bring help to these suffering people. We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire Cap-Rouge community and its surrounding areas, to sincerely thank Dr. Samuel Martin, who has a heart for the people in Cap-Rouge, all the other members of the mission, and the friends of the mission who contributed to making this program possible. We also want to say that people were really happy, and that brought joy to many families. We hope God will bless you, bless your families, bless your businesses, and bless your country because you have come to help those who are in difficult times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bless you, abundantly,

Wilson Maitri 

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